Act Naturaly and Be Yourself; Good Remedy to Conquer the Anxiety

nervous performer

Being the centre of attraction and having all scary eyes on you can be stressful for you owing to the anxiety. As we know anxiety is a kind of normal emotion that everybody experiences at times in their life. Most of the people feel nervous while faced with the problem at work, before making an important decision or while performing in front of audience.

If you are a travelling musician and have fear from the thought of getting up in front of crowd and performing, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are millions of people suffer from anxiety while performing. Travelling musician, athletes as well as public speakers often suffer from performance anxiety. Performance anxiety can impede your career path and affect your enjoyment. Despite, it can also negatively affect your self-confidence and self esteem. Although it is possible to overcome the performance anxiety, by following some tips you can easily conquer your fear and shine while performing on the field.

Always be prepared and do more and more practice. You should limit the sugar and caffeine intake at the day of performance. Eat a rational meal a few hours before your performance. Intake of low fat meal including- complex carbohydrates, whole grain oats or rice burrito and a bean. Despite, don’t focus on negative thoughts. Instead keep focus on the positive vibes and visualize your success.

Practice the more controlled meditation, breathing, biofeedback and other strategies which help you to get relax and redirect your thoughts while they turn pessimistic. Moreover, perform regular exercise, get adequate healthy sleep and live a joyful and a healthy lifestyle. See here for more panic attack treatment.

Confronting the fear and vulnerabilities, is very important step towards overcoming the performance anxiety being a travelling musician. You should always keep in mind that nobody is perfect, no one expects you to be perfect and it is fine to make mistakes. So by doing these mentioned things you can easily reduce anxiety and control your emotions.