Breath Control Exercise for Singers

Diaphragmatic breathing is the most important element to be mastered by every singer in order to sing efficiently. It is a healthier way of breathing, but it can be hard as it requires the breath to be as focused as laser beam by inhaling quickly and exhaling slowly. Hence, a series of breath control exercises are necessary in helping the singers to master this technique while maintaining the health of their voices.

To find out whether you are breathing correctly, place a hand on your belly button. Since diaphragmatic breathing is marked by the expansion of abdomen rather than chest, a correct breathing technique requires your abdominal area to expand first during inhalation and then spread upwards until your chest is expanded. If you are not breathing properly, you should start carrying out breath control exercises that help you in coordinating diaphragm and abdominal muscles to sing efficiently.

The first breath control exercise for singers is carried out by lying flat on your back. Yoga mat may be used, but it should be stiff enough to prevent your hind from sinking inward. Then, place your hands on waist and take a slow deep breath by filling up your stomach from the bottom to the top. After that, breathe out slowly to a count of 4 or 5 and repeat this exercise for another five to ten times. In order for this exercise to be effective, it should be done daily in a two-week period with five to ten minutes per session. Once you are able to control your breath without being focused on using your diaphragm properly, you may start building capacity by singing the numbers out loud during exhalation.

The second exercise should only be performed once you have the full understanding on how your diaphragm works and no longer feel dizzy after each breathing exercise. First, sit with correct posture and slowly breathe in for a count of three. Hold your breath and exhale for another count of three. Wait for a count of two and repeat this exercise. This exercise is more convenient since it does not involve lying and can be done in anywhere. Singers will have better control over their voices if they practice frequently.

A lot of singers are having the misconception that they must do endless breath control exercises to prevent issues like running out of breath during singing. However, for breath control exercises to be effective, it is important to get the basics right and practice it frequently but not endlessly. For more tips on how to sing efficiently, visit this site here.