Meet the Road Eyes!

I was browsing YouTube yesterday and came across a classic. It was a clip from the Neil Young, “Rust Never Sleeps Tour”. This thing was great and the hilarious thing was actually the roadies themselves. One of the funniest things a band ever did to the lowly old road dogs. You see, the Rust Never Sleeps tour was going on shortly after the first Star Wars movie came out; and good old Neil Young took advantage of this and had all of his roadies dressed up as Jawa’s from the movie.

A bit of background for you guys that are not Star Wars nerds; Jawas are the little alien guys on the planet Tatooine that Luke Skywalker lived on. These little buddies go around in robes that conceal their whole body, the only thing you can see peaking out of their glowing red eyes. Well the Neil tour had their roadies dressed up in this robes and they had an effect to where they had glowing red eyes that could be seen under the hood. And they were called, “Road Eyes”!

Sheer brilliance huh! It was a nice aesthetic though, and provided a good laugh for everyone. The clip showed how before and after a song they would run up, in fact scurrying just like the creatures in the movie. (see roadies can act too!) They would run up on stage switch out guitars and harmonicas and then run back off. These roadies were really funny.

Neil Young always had good roadies with him too, because he switches his gear up a lot, they man has like eight different guitars and 20 different harmonica’s he plays in on any given night. The other band members didn’t really need much tweaking, but Neil always needs an army of Roadies or Road Eyes or whatever he likes to call him. Neat video though. Check it out!