Act Naturaly and Be Yourself; Good Remedy to Conquer the Anxiety

nervous performer

Being the centre of attraction and having all scary eyes on you can be stressful for you owing to the anxiety. As we know anxiety is a kind of normal emotion that everybody experiences at times in their life. Most of the people feel nervous while faced with the problem at work, before making an important decision or while performing in front of audience.

If you are a travelling musician and have fear from the thought of getting up in front of crowd and performing, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are millions of people suffer from anxiety while performing. Travelling musician, athletes as well as public speakers often suffer from performance anxiety. Performance anxiety can impede your career path and affect your enjoyment. Despite, it can also negatively affect your self-confidence and self esteem. Although it is possible to overcome the performance anxiety, by following some tips you can easily conquer your fear and shine while performing on the field.

Always be prepared and do more and more practice. You should limit the sugar and caffeine intake at the day of performance. Eat a rational meal a few hours before your performance. Intake of low fat meal including- complex carbohydrates, whole grain oats or rice burrito and a bean. Despite, don’t focus on negative thoughts. Instead keep focus on the positive vibes and visualize your success.

Practice the more controlled meditation, breathing, biofeedback and other strategies which help you to get relax and redirect your thoughts while they turn pessimistic. Moreover, perform regular exercise, get adequate healthy sleep and live a joyful and a healthy lifestyle. See here for more panic attack treatment.

Confronting the fear and vulnerabilities, is very important step towards overcoming the performance anxiety being a travelling musician. You should always keep in mind that nobody is perfect, no one expects you to be perfect and it is fine to make mistakes. So by doing these mentioned things you can easily reduce anxiety and control your emotions.


Breath Control Exercise for Singers

Diaphragmatic breathing is the most important element to be mastered by every singer in order to sing efficiently. It is a healthier way of breathing, but it can be hard as it requires the breath to be as focused as laser beam by inhaling quickly and exhaling slowly. Hence, a series of breath control exercises are necessary in helping the singers to master this technique while maintaining the health of their voices.

To find out whether you are breathing correctly, place a hand on your belly button. Since diaphragmatic breathing is marked by the expansion of abdomen rather than chest, a correct breathing technique requires your abdominal area to expand first during inhalation and then spread upwards until your chest is expanded. If you are not breathing properly, you should start carrying out breath control exercises that help you in coordinating diaphragm and abdominal muscles to sing efficiently.

The first breath control exercise for singers is carried out by lying flat on your back. Yoga mat may be used, but it should be stiff enough to prevent your hind from sinking inward. Then, place your hands on waist and take a slow deep breath by filling up your stomach from the bottom to the top. After that, breathe out slowly to a count of 4 or 5 and repeat this exercise for another five to ten times. In order for this exercise to be effective, it should be done daily in a two-week period with five to ten minutes per session. Once you are able to control your breath without being focused on using your diaphragm properly, you may start building capacity by singing the numbers out loud during exhalation.

The second exercise should only be performed once you have the full understanding on how your diaphragm works and no longer feel dizzy after each breathing exercise. First, sit with correct posture and slowly breathe in for a count of three. Hold your breath and exhale for another count of three. Wait for a count of two and repeat this exercise. This exercise is more convenient since it does not involve lying and can be done in anywhere. Singers will have better control over their voices if they practice frequently.

A lot of singers are having the misconception that they must do endless breath control exercises to prevent issues like running out of breath during singing. However, for breath control exercises to be effective, it is important to get the basics right and practice it frequently but not endlessly. For more tips on how to sing efficiently, visit this site here.


Why We Do What We Do

Why do we do it? We do we become roadies and continue are endless and thankless job of setting up gear, tuning guitars, configuring sound systems; why? Many of us begin this journey to help our friends. I know I did, I was friends with a local outfit and always wanted to be a part of their band, but they didn’t need another guitarist, so what happened? “Well you can be our Roadie.” Yep. And that was pretty much it. I signed on as a Roadie because they needed the help and they held out the vague promise that one day I might become a part of their band.


That is common for a lot of us Road Technician’s; we wait in the wings of a band, doing all the background work, hoping someday that we can be made a part of the actual music process, that we will be called upon to actually join the band that we are loading gear for. Maybe one of those times you are tuning their guitars and you play a quick little riff to check the tuning, it will catch the ears of someone and they will say, “Hey buddy that is really good! You should play on stage with us!” But for most this never happens. It is just this vague promise that gets us sucked in. It is like that proverbial carrot hanging in front of the turtles mouth keeping him slowly moving forward.

But a Roadie is not always relegated to an eternity of Road work, no sometimes they do escape the purgatory of the road and go on to play in the band itself. Kurt Cobain was one, Kurt actually started his music career as a roadie, a lot of people don’t know that, but the grunge master from Seattle was loading gear before he was on stage playing it.

So as unlucky as Kurt often thought was in life he really hit the lottery there, because it is really pretty rare for a roadie to transition out of the life of a techie to that of being a performer, let alone front man of a band. So that was a good break for him.

Another example of a roadie lucking out a bit was in the 1992 Metalica tour. It was from vocalist and rhythm guitar player James Hatfield’s bad luck a road dude received good fortune. What happened was; in the middle of the tour James Hatfield was seriously burned all over his arms in a pyrotechnic accident on stage. One arm was hurt so bad it was immediately placed in a cast and it remained that way for the rest of the tour.

They decided to keep the tour going because James could still sing he just couldn’t play guitar. All they needed to do was find a guitarist that knew all the latest Metallica songs. Were they ever in luck! Because one of their roadie dudes was paying attention! And he knew all the songs! He played so well they immediately recruited him for the job.

I bet he had stars in his eyes; he was suddenly a main component of one of the biggest rock bands in the world. He maybe envisioned them thinking he was so good that maybe James would give up guitar and just be a vocalist, making him their rhythm guitarist full time. But alas, after that tour ended James burned arms healed and he resumed his guitar effort for Metallica and that roadie was never heard from again. He disappeared back into the dark shadows of road crew life; the moment in the spotlight was over.

And that is how it usually rolls, we are gear technicians and back up substitutes at most, but after that we just quickly disappear off the stage as we can. But there is a beauty in the humble humility of the road crew, and rock and roll would not be the same without it. So even if no on else says it, I will do it, I would like to give a shout out to all the music road crews all over the world and from the bottom of my heart say; thank you.


Meet the Road Eyes!

I was browsing YouTube yesterday and came across a classic. It was a clip from the Neil Young, “Rust Never Sleeps Tour”. This thing was great and the hilarious thing was actually the roadies themselves. One of the funniest things a band ever did to the lowly old road dogs. You see, the Rust Never Sleeps tour was going on shortly after the first Star Wars movie came out; and good old Neil Young took advantage of this and had all of his roadies dressed up as Jawa’s from the movie.

A bit of background for you guys that are not Star Wars nerds; Jawas are the little alien guys on the planet Tatooine that Luke Skywalker lived on. These little buddies go around in robes that conceal their whole body, the only thing you can see peaking out of their glowing red eyes. Well the Neil tour had their roadies dressed up in this robes and they had an effect to where they had glowing red eyes that could be seen under the hood. And they were called, “Road Eyes”!

Sheer brilliance huh! It was a nice aesthetic though, and provided a good laugh for everyone. The clip showed how before and after a song they would run up, in fact scurrying just like the creatures in the movie. (see roadies can act too!) They would run up on stage switch out guitars and harmonicas and then run back off. These roadies were really funny.

Neil Young always had good roadies with him too, because he switches his gear up a lot, they man has like eight different guitars and 20 different harmonica’s he plays in on any given night. The other band members didn’t really need much tweaking, but Neil always needs an army of Roadies or Road Eyes or whatever he likes to call him. Neat video though. Check it out!


Don’t Sugar Coat the Storm!

I’m posting this one about tough weather roadie’s face in their travels. Living in South Florida I helped a lot of local bands in my area and I faced a lot of adverse weather issues. Hurricane season came every year and every year we had to develop a strategy to cope with potential disaster. I remember one year setting up for some bands for an outside festival.


When we first got there, our area was under hurricane watch; after we were done setting up we heard on the radio that it was now a hurricane warning. These things happen that fast. Everybody was pretty worried at that point, and you could see it outside, we were in a covered stage but still in the open air. We could feel the wind building and see the dark and gloomy clouds; but the thing is when people set up these shows months in advance once it is play time, no one wants to back down because no one wants to give all of those fans a refund.

So that is why sometimes tragedy happens, that was the case a few years ago in Indiana when Sugar Band was performing right in the middle of a tornado. Everyone could see weather outside was horrible but no one dared say they were going to cancel because big money was riding on the event, and really it is this kind of complacency that trickles down to everyone else involved. The managers don’t care and act like the weather means nothing so no one else moves a muscle and keeps on acting like everything is fine and then this influences the fans who otherwise would probably just go home, but since the promoters and facility crews act like nothing is wrong, the fans just shrug off the wind and rain and continue to hang out.

I’ve seen this happen many times myself, putting the musicians, technicians and fans in unnecessary danger. Really, even forcing a band to play through a simple thunderstorm is too much. If lighting hit in the wrong place the whole stage could become an electrocution board. These things are serious but they are not taken that way by big music moguls.

Like I was saying about my own personal experience, that time in Florida when we finished setting up and immediately after a hurricane warning went out; we were pretty much told to disregard it or get fired. And most of us just needed the money so we carried on. That’s the music biz; the show must go on, yes, that is the catchphrase.

In our case we lucked out, it looked really scary and bad out, but we were just in the perimeter of the hurricane during most of the show. In the end though it was shortened, local officials declared that all unnecessary personnel needed to get off the road and stay indoors. So we rushed it to a close, shut down the shop and went home early. The bosses only grumbled a little bit, but even they couldn’t hold back when county officials put their foot down.


Best Camera Lenses

When you are new in the photography field, it can be very daunting when deciding on the best camera lenses to buy. This is because day in day out new photographers enter into the market and this calls for you as a photographer to enhance their efficiency through the quality of photographs they produce. The following therefore are some of the best camera lenses that you need to consider for best performance.

The sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM

Its wide angle of view allows you to capture a larger view compared to the normal lenses. Besides, you can squash large objects to fit into your frame. It is good especially when you are taking photographs of large objects such as buildings, large landscape, a cramped interior or just a group picture. This can also be used in photography for beginners. It is advisable for architectural designers and Geography photographers for taking landscape photos. It is available for various types of cameras such as the Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sigma and Pentax. Its price is subject to bargaining. Ideally, Sigma is the best in case you are after a focal length of up to 35mm.

The Pentax HD DA 35mm Macro Limited Lens

The Pentax HD lens has a quite recommendable sharpness supporting magnification of 1.1. It has standard angle of view. This lens does not feature the design for the weather-sealed to match with the Pentax Camera Models. It allows for quite a considerate shooting distance from the object. The metal barrel and glass found in it increase its weight. Its focus is effective from the distance of 5.5 inches from the camera sensor. Moreover, this lens allows you to manually adjust the focus ring to override the automatic focus while not necessarily adjusting the settings of the camera. This camera is suitable in case you want to capture up to the smallest details due to the close focus offered by the lens.

The Canon EF 24-70mm f/4l IS USM Lens

It has the widest aperture capable of capturing double light of the subject. This model is therefore suitable for you in case you capture double the light of the object. Furthermore, this lens has the largest front element as it accepts up to 82mm filters. It also incorporates reversible petal style hood lenses where the lenses keep on extending as you zoom in your subject which sounds abnormally when compared with other types of lenses. It also features a lock switch that aids in keeping the lens intact at its short position to keep your object safe when packed. This lens is capable of focusing the closest distance of 15 inches. However, it has a twist and on-lens macro mode that allows locking of objects up to the distance of 7.9 inches from the image sensor found 70mm.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G Lens

it is the newest lens in the company with full frame FX Line up. It is suitable for the wide-angle shooters as it has the most classic field of view. It has the most impressive performance with its focal length and a fast aperture that makes it worthy of Editor’s Choice Award. It is fit for event coverage, landscape shooters and reportage purposes. It can be paired with a DX body to give a fast normal lens combination. This lens is suitable for use in places of low lighting conditions because it is sharp and wide open. With it you can easily capture a sharp image of a subject even in shallow depth field. Its performance is stunning and fit for any photographer who is after quality no matter the kind of prevailing environmental conditions.

Lensbaby Composer Pro Lens

Lensbaby Composer offers the user sufficient control over which they want to tilt their images by use of its locking socket and ball technique. Focus with this lens is achieved by the use of a standard focus ring and not the normal pulling and pushing mechanism. Ideally, it is one simple to use lens by any user. Using Lensbaby Composer offers quite a unique experience as it gives the user freedom to decide to use a tripod or just take hand-held shoots. This type of lens can be used with cameras such as Canon, EOS, Sony A, Pentax K, Nikon F and Samsung NX.

You can change your experience and attitude in your photography career by properly choosing the right kind of camera lens that you use.